Providing the families that you serve with memorable, relevant and unique ways to memorialize their loved ones.

The little things

We can provide you with top quality memorial products featuring professional photography and custom video content, creating personalized and totally unique designs. In addition, we can help you develop and manage a Social Media strategy.

The objective? Helping you to provide new, meaningful and unique ways for your families to memorialize their loved ones.


We've got you covered!

Social Tributes

Family and friends upload photos, videos, and audio files to create vibrant tributes for their loved ones.

Social Notices

Funeral notice templates & custom advertising graphics to share with the community.

Online Tributes

Live Stream directly to the Tribute pages on your Funeral Home website.

Orders of Service

Branded, editable templates or individudal custom designs, any theme or style!

Memorial Books

Our Books App is all about simplicity, create stunning printed memorials for the families you care for.

Thank You Cards

Stunning personalised thank you cards and bookmarks to match OOS designs.

Chapel Screens

Personalize your services with stunning chapel hold screens to match custom OOS designs.


Social Tributes

Social Tribute is more than a simple slideshow solution, it’s a stress free, profitable solution that gives families a truly memorable funeral experience.

Family and friends add photos and videos into the Social Tribute app. Memories are collected from a wider audience, offering a truly unique family tribute that will last forever.

Social Funeral Notices

Publishing Tribute pages/Obituaries on your website and Social Media creates amazing engagement within your community.

We know the pressures of time, let us create stunning funeral notice templates that make it easy for you to add information, or send us the service details and we’ll do it for you!

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Tributes & Streaming

The power of an Intelligent CRM, now with Live Streaming & Memorialization. We work with industry partners to increase website traffic through online funeral service delivery.

Live Stream directly to the Tribute pages on your Funeral Home website, helping to provide a crucial service, whilst generating awareness of your Funeral Home and driving traffic to your website.

Orders Of Service

Creating an order of service is more than just putting together an itinerary. It’s a connection to the person being honored and should
be memorable and unique.

From templates in keeping with your brand, to fully customized and individual booklets based on themes, hobbies and interests, let us take care of the details.

Our team can create stunning service booklet designs that will become cherished mementos for the families you care for.


Memorial Books

Our Books App is all about simplicity. Using our custom built template themes, just add your content to create stunning printed memorials for the families you care for.

Chapel Screens

We know the importance families place on a final goodbye. Personal digital chapel screens should represent your funeral home and the unique and individual life that is being celebrated.

Send us your service details and we will produce a one of a kind digital memorial to add that special touch to your clients’ ceremony.

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Manage. Market. Memorialize. Merchandise.