Top 13 eCommerce website features to boost your business

Hence, these seven step processes will thoroughly help you to create a shopping app that is highly accessible and convenient. These three integral parts for creating a shopping app are crucial to building a successful app in the current eCommerce market. Taking market research as a first step can also help you find the potential audience by creating user personas to understand the needs and pain points of the customers. Now, let’s directly jump into understanding the steps to create an eCommerce app development process. A customer can choose among prints and types of the gift card, and apply the amount of money that they want to include to this gift card. Overall, this option helps customers to make a good present for their friends and family or to spend some amount of money later.

features of an e-commerce website

This makes paying with a mobile become a straightforward method as one-click payments, confiscating barriers to the underside of the funnel, wherever mobile customers are possibly to drop off. This may have harmful effects on your efforts of obtaining your website graded on search engines like Google who have algorithms that penalize duplicate content. This data assists them to make the right choice while buying products. The eCommerce industry has grown exponentially in recent years. That said, aspiring entrepreneurs should consider launching their click-and-order stores.

If a visitor to your online shop can easily access your products and find their requirements, the chances of them turning into a sale increases greatly. Websites must load quickly, be easy to navigate on small screens, and have a readable layout without zoom or horizontal scrolling. These are all things that potential customers look for when visiting your site on a mobile device. An inaccessible e-commerce website means a good number of your potential customers won’t be able to use it. Therefore, it is important to make your website accessibility-compliant so that people with disabilities can also access your website easily.

What Do Customers Want From Ecommerce Sites?

Newsletter sign-up is a modern feature of an eCommerce website. By signing up newsletter campaign your current visitors stay up to date with new products and offers. A return policy or money-back guarantee is a must for any eCommerce website. When you have a clear and compelling return policy people will buy with pleasure.

features of an e-commerce website

Because customers always value simplicity, comfort, and convenience. If they somehow feel that the qualities they’re looking for are missing on yourwebsite design, they will not use it again. Putting in photos of real customers below increases the chance of purchase remarkably. A study shows that the conversion rate for product pages with Instagram photos grows by 24%.

Reporting Features

They see the reviews as honest opinions and would feel more encouraged to buy the product. Vertical sidebar menu lets you write longer navigation links and presents more top-level options to customers. Find the list of 14 important website features to engage customers below.

features of an e-commerce website

You can also make animated GIFs or use engaging videos at your banner. I want to get useful articles, exclusive materials, and special offers by email from WEB4PRO. I read and understood Privacy Policy, and I agree to the processing of my personal data. The landscape of eCommerce is always changing, and a smart business makes sure to stay on top of each new development. Since most of your ability to adapt is dependent on the capabilities of your …

Ecommerce website feature: Customer support

Interactive swatches help to preview a product in different colors in the product listing, without the need to visit the product pages. This feature helps to save customers time by checking the specific product and selling more products. For a business owner, banners give endless options to showcase their products and best-selling items to engage their customers, make more sales, and convert site visitors into customers. One of the top ecommerce website features of related product suggestions is a big thanks to increasing its profits. Not solely will this feature improve customer expertise by serving to guests to read a lot about the product in your look, however, they will facilitate to upsell accessories and related products. Simple navigation is vital for your productive e-commerce website.

  • It is important that you highlight the advantages your customers will receive by making a purchase on your website.
  • Reaction of users with regard to the site can be determined with the help of the user interface.
  • One of our clients, Thouqi, shows the discounted price in a different color.
  • Elements and features according to the device the potential customers are using.

However, inquiries answered by customer service officers are sometimes limited to and up to the working hours of an e-commerce business. Even though most e-commerce websites do not have a physical store, if your e-commerce business has one, you should include this feature. With find-in-store, your customers can visit your shop right away instead of waiting for their parcel to arrive in the mail. The blog category option helps to find blogs according to users’ choices. Blog page featuresMany eCommerce websites don’t feature any blog posts on their website.

Multiple Security Features

Without visitors to your website, you are not going to get any sales. A good payment gateway would normally include secure payment options such PayPal, Visa and Mastercard checkout options. A checkout function on a website is probably the most important part of your ecommerce site.

It is an essential aspect of digital marketing, and it’s something that every online business owner needs to be aware of. If your conversion rate differs from where you’d like it to be, you can use conversion rate optimization to increase it. Not all customers are happy with their experience with the product, despite a good product description and images.

Also, the search engine will instantly see what your category page is about and how it is connected to your product pages. To create useful filters, think about which features and characteristics define your products and which would be of the highest importance to your customers. Customers won’t be afraid to register their account, as they trust a brand which pays attention to their everyday habits and which platforms their customers use. By implementing, you enable your customers to to enter a live chat during their shopping session. That way, you can solve any number of customer complaints in real-time.

Shopping cart

Our solutions will help you through all of it and retain your reputation. There are various advantages of a comment section in your blog. It improves visibility, helps in establishing credibility, increases user engagement and much more.

However, Shopify is still a templated solution, which means you are bound to the availability of templates and app integrations for design and functionality. It also is not the most SEO-friendly platform out there, but it’s not terrible in this regard. Make sure to find an experienced Shopify SEO company that is familiar with the SEO features and limitations of the platform, and most of these problems can be mitigated. In a lot of cases many webmasters just copy and paste content from what their suppliers provide. This will have detrimental effects to your efforts of getting your website ranked on search engines like Google who have algorithms that punish duplicate content.

These stores know pretty well that reviews are one of the first things users will look for when they check out a product. The best place to showcase photos is right next to product descriptions on product pages. Show the buyer multiple angles of the item they’re interested in and add a zoom-in option if necessary. All successful ecommerce websites examples take product photography seriously.

Online Shopping App Development

Website navigation is a key to the success of any e-commerce website. Create easy-to-use navigation on your website to make sure that your customers don’t get confused while surfing your site. BigCommerce offers an extensive set of features that are designed to make eCommerce scaling how to create a custom e-commerce website easier. With BigCommerce, entrepreneurs can design and run an online store that powers their business. The world’s leading cloud eCommerce platform provides support for thousands of retailers around the globe who are rapidly growing or have already established themselves in markets.


Navigation and search play a valuable role as guides to the essential pages and products of the store. So, it’s crucial to make them user-friendly and visible to users. Let’s consider the examples of trendy and user-friendly navigation and search. That’s right, the shopping cart is a key feature of any online store. When someone visits your site and they want to make sure that you don’t miss out on their business – this page connects them with everything needed for placing an order.

Your category pages would represent the store aisles, while the product page is the product placed on one of the shelves. Social media login is one of the most used features on eCommerce websites. It’s a perfect opportunity to stand out amongst your competitors. It’s the same with SEO and ranking your article as number 1 on the search results page. You need to see how does the article on the top position look like, what kind of content does it contain and how they’re delivering the content.

The problem, however, is that some people do not know what they want until they spot something that entices them, and that is where discovery commerce comes into the picture. Industry continues to rise, shoppers are becoming smarter with their purchases. Posting one picture of a product with bullet points will no longer work.

That means including strong call-to-actions on your website and product pages. If someone is viewing your product page but isn’t sure whether they want to buy it or not, a conversion is unlikely to take place. Make sure that you’re clear about what you want your customers to do, and try to be as direct as possible. After testing, it’s time to deploy and launch the app for the user to experience and give the necessary feedback. And from time to time, introduce new features to increase user retention. Poor Research and not-so-great execution can lead to shopping app failure.